Sandwich Town (2010)

Sandwich Town is the oldest, historic neighbourhood in the city of Windsor, ON. It is situated near Ambassador Bridge, the only privately owned border crossing between the US and Canada owned by the American-Lebanese Moroun family since 1979. It is the busiest international border crossing in North America in terms of trade volume, carrying more than 30% of all merchandise trade between the United States and Canada. In order to make a second span of the bridge, the company bought 140 plus houses in Sandwich Town to demolish them in future. The houses were boarded up and were left to deteriorate, ultimately turning the once thriving neighbourhood into a ghetto. The community with the help of the City of Windsor were able to stall the company efforts by court ruling that declared the property owned by the company to be of heritage value.

During my time in Windsor, I lived in the Sandwich Town. Every day I would walk pass these boarded up houses and would often think about the ways in which private economic interests can destroy a community.

These photo and video actions/interventions are my response to the past and present history of Sandwich Town.