Nocturnal Metamorphysis (2012)

Nocturnal Metamorphosis is a collaborative, interactive installation with fellow artist Amanda White. Once the viewers are within the range of the sensor, they are transformed into an orb of white light representing their average motion. The moving orb attracts a swarm of digitally rendered moths that follow and circle the light orbs as they move, creating the illusion that the viewers are dancing or interacting with the moths.

For this project X-box Kinect is utilized as input devise (sensor) and its incoming data is manipulated through MAX MSP JITTER . The final result is created using Kinect's depth data along with Computer Vision and Boids algorithm.

This project plays with the division between the real and the digital and draws a connection between the human experience and other nocturnal organisms or ‘nightlife’ in the urban environment.

This project was a part of Nuit Blanche Toronto, Gallery 129 Ossington, 2012.