Mapping People (2014)

"Mapping People" is an interactive project where viewers trigger a triangulated map through their presence in space, generating a real-time drawing that continually evolves. This installation is a participant-driven projection that aims to engage imagined and real space through movement, and explores the potential for exchanges and new experiences.

This project documents an experiential trace where the audience will draw a path and record a journey. An individual mark is made, but many paths cross over, accumulating over time and eventually dissolving. This incites a digital interaction even if no word or physical contact is exchanged between participants.

Through the use of technology such as the computer programming and data collection, motion sensors and projector, ‘Mapping People’ hints at the ubiquitous nature of technology, surveillance, data collection, and its significance in our collective knowledge of place and space as well as interactions amongst one another. It addresses the dimensions of socially-engaged art practices by revealing a visually mesmerizing drawing that maps our collective trace, but also seeks to engage an equal imprint of one another in a real sense, even if it is fleeting.