Rain Will Follow You (2016)

”Rain will Follow You” is a result of collaboration with American-Canadian ceramic artist Sarah Link. The concern for the environment, the impact of technology, and its effect on the earth and its inhabitants is an ongoing theme in Sarah’s work.

We developed an interactive sculpture where her ceramic work was transformed, with the help of an old turntable, sensors and motors, into a rudimentary radar capable of detecting and orienting itself towards human presence. The idea was that the use of technology for surveillance and data collection without one’s explicit consent is ubiquitous, and the ways in which these technologies are normalized has become a part of contemporary societies, to the point where there presence gives us a sense of security. We wanted to see how audiences would interact with these animated sculptures

The second part of the collaboration included use of sound and live video projection mapping over Sarah’s ceramic installation to invoke the visual and aural sensation about, memory, degrading environment, effects of wars, and refuge.

Organized by Definitely Superiour Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario. September 30 - October 29, 2016.